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Spring You Can Drink: Perfect Pairings for the Season

spring birdsWhen our Spring Truffle Collections hit the shelves of our shop, it's basically like the trumpet sound that marks the arrival of the season. It's like the first blossom of a budding lilac. It's like the last mound of crunchy snow finally melting away. You get the idea.

Our spring truffles -- Lemongrass Ginger, Garden Mint, Vanilla Bean, Earl Grey Caramel, and Cassis Habiscus -- are full of fantastic flavor on their own; However, when you're a hedonist, the saying isn't "less is more," it's "more is more!" That's why we're such big fans of pairings. So, for the next few weeks, we're going to be exploring the best beverage pairings with each of our truffles from the Spring Truffle Collection! It's going to be a delicious endeavor, so stay tuned!

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