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Springing Ahead

Easter Eggs 2Posted by Intern Ken:
Spring has taken over the kitchen after a brief recovery from the Valentine’s Day chocolate blitz. After launching the Spring Tea Collection we began searching for the perfect Easter indulgence. At first Easter seemed to me like a great day for chocolate, but the more we explored all the confectionary pleasures of Easter, it seemed that what Valentine’s Day is to chocolates, Easter is to candies. Of course, even before I learned where to hang my jacket, I learned "we're not going to make candy."

While being openly cautious about our fear of producing something ordinary, we decided to purchase a set of egg-shaped molds for the kitchen. Bear in mind that if you put a chocolate truffle next to an egg you’ll notice that the egg is considerably bigger. And while the idea of making sets of truly massive truffles was intriguing, when put into practice eating them was something akin to eating… well, a hard boiled egg--only with more chocolate under the shell than an entire five-piece collection of Hedonist truffles.

Easter EggsSo we’re making half-eggs instead. Still a feat of decadence to consume, mind you, but much lighter on the gluttony. Molded chocolate eggs are a lot of fun to work with because that broad shell makes for a compelling canvas to decorate. I put a bittersweet chocolate ganache into a dark chocolate shell with white speckles splattered on the surface. To do this, we dip the bristles of a toothbrush in a tempered white chocolate, then use our thumb to stroke the bristles and flick the white chocolate into the molds. The spattered molds are then filled with dark chocolate and quickly drained and scraped, leaving behind a speckled shell for the ganache to be piped into. The results are lovely, and the process of making them is possibly be the most fun I’ve ever had in a kitchen.

The eggs will be available in packs of three and sold exclusively from the kitchen (674 South Avenue, Rochester NY). Stop in to see which flavors will be available for Easter baskets.

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