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Tea and Chocolate Pairing

Interesting article on pairing chocolate and tea was posted on Tuesday by Examiner.com. I really enjoyed this quote that they included:

There are three ways to look at tea and chocolate pairings. The first is as ‘friends,’ teas and chocolates with similar characteristics. The second is as ‘lovers,’ teas and chocolates that compliment each other through their differences. The third happens when both combine ... a ‘perfect match. -Pearl Dexter, editor of Tea, a magazine

There is also a list of suggested pairings which aligns with combinations we've created in our Spring Teas Truffle Collection. We did a lot of experimenting on our own to figure out which teas went well with which chocolates and it is good to know that they have been validated by independent research.

One tea that did not appear on their list is Lapsang Souchong, a smoked black tea which we have paired with milk chocolate. Unfortunately, Spring Teas is a seasonal collection and only available (you guessed it) in the spring. So you'll have to wait to taste them.

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