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The Beauty of Bacon Week

bacon tray

As hedonists, we're fortunate to have so many "chocolate holidays" throughout the year. Like our customers, though, we can't help but get especially excited when Father's Day draws near. The reason? Bacon!

bacon peanut bark

The week leading into Father's Day is traditionally our Bacon Week. We celebrate this joyous string of seven days with two fan-favorite creations, our Bacon Peanut bark and our Bacon Caramels. Savory and sweet have never collided so spectacularly as they do with these pork-tastic confections. Lovers of salt, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and peanuts can find pleasure paradise here -- it's no wonder our customers ask year 'round, "When is the bacon chocolate coming back?!"

20 pc bacon caramel

These bacon creations capture the essence of Father's Day on a few different levels. Being our only meat-containing chocolates, we're able to capture the grilling aspect that's a part of Father's Day for so many families. There's also the brunch connection with the bacon, as many fathers like to start their deserved indulging early. Most of all, it's a special, once-a-year treat -- just like Father's Day!

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