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The Holiday Truffle Collection

Holiday Collection with BoxWe created our Holiday Truffle Collection using flavors that capture some of our favorite winter memories and traditions. It is one of our most popular seasonal collections and when we start making it in November it always gets us in the Holiday spirit!

The Holiday Collection includes the following flavors:


Champagne PomegranateChampagne Pomegranate Truffle

More than a few years ago we started making Pomosas (like Mimosas with pomegranate juice instead of orange) with our Holiday breakfasts. To create a festive truffle in a similar vein, we add a dash of champagne and pomegranate liqueur to dark chocolate ganache and then enrobe it in dark chocolate and sprinkle a dusting of fine sugar. The flavors are subtle but oh so delicious!


Egg NogEggnog Truffle

Who doesn't drink their share of egg nog during the Holidays? When we conceived this collection we knew that a more traditional drink needed to be represented. At first we used actual egg nog in the ganache, but the flavor was two overpowering (most egg nog also has a lot of extra chemicals that we don't want on our ingredients list). We now let our creamy white chocolate stand in for the nog, add roasted nutmeg and brandy and then enrobe it in our signature dark chocolate and finish it off with a dusting of nutmeg (just like the drink!). This truffle is great for those who are not dark chocolate aficionados.


Holiday FigHoliday Fig Truffle

No, we didn't grow up eating figgy pudding, but we always imagined inhabiting a Dickensian world where families did! Our fig truffle features a semi-sweet ganache with fig, nutmeg, clove and cinnamon. We enrobe it in dark chocolate and top with a beautiful, seedy slice of dried fig.


Ginger MolassesHoliday Collection - truffle 4 - ginger molasses

Our Holidays would not be complete without the gingerbread people, ginger snaps and gingerbread that make the house smell so wonderful. When we lived in Santa Cruz, CA we had an annual holiday cookie party where we would bake hundreds of gingerbread cookies in a myriad of shapes, the provide all of the frosting and sprinkles for our friends and family to decorate. Our ode to ginger baked goods is simply dark molasses and ginger in a milk chocolate ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate and sprinkled with bits of candied ginger.


Orange CloveOrange Clove Truffle

In our homes at Christmas, we were always doing some sort of holiday crafts. One of the most memorable was making pomander balls for gifts. Pomanders came into fashion in the middle ages to mask bad smells. In the modern age, they are commonly used to keep cloth items stored in drawers smelling fresh. To make a pomander ball, we would stud an orange all over with whole cloves, roll in cinnamon and wrap in netting. These things smelled divine and every time I eat one of our Orange Clove truffles it brings me back to my childhood. The ganache is made of semi-sweet chocolate, clove, organic orange zest and orange liqueur. We enrobe it in dark chocolate and top with a square of candied orange peel.

We hope you'll enjoy our Holiday Truffle Collection as much as we enjoyed creating it for you (we eat our fair share of it while it's around too!). You can find it on our website or at our shop, at 674 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620.

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