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The "Lively Goats" Behind our Signature Goat Cheese Collection


goat cheese collectionIt's late Spring, which means the return (finally!) of the Goat Cheese Truffle Collection at Hedonist. As some of you may already know, we are proud to craft these rich, sweet-savory truffles using fresh, locally-sourced chèvre from Lively Run Goat Dairy Farm and Creamery, located in Interlaken, NY. Behind the deliciously strong "goatyness" of the farm's chèvre is a herd of goats with equally strong personalities.

From Lively Run's website:

"Our herd consists of French Alpines and Swiss Sanaans. They are a friendly bunch full of intelligence, curiosity, and mischief that produce the quality milk we use for our Lively Run handmade goat cheeses. We feed our goats a wholesome diet of local forage and feed, which is essential to milk quality and reflects the character of our Finger Lakes region."

lively run goats

The "lively goats" of Lively Run

Lively Run sells their cheeses at various retail locations throughout New York State. Be sure to stop by our chocolate shop (online or in-store) to try the Goat Cheese Collection while it lasts!


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