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The Melting Pot of Chocolate

4th of july displayThe Fourth of July may not be the most “chocolate holiday” with competitors like Easter and Valentine’s Day, but the Fourth celebrates our nation; a nation that features one of chocolate’s best qualities: a blend of different flavors.

All of our famous Salted Caramels, delightful truffles, as well as our assortment of barks, begin with Cacao Noel that originates from France. Cacao Noel brings out a rich flavor and smooth texture that can be seen as early as the tempering melting pot. Add the bold flavors that we love in America – sesame, Matcha and more – and we have our French-American style chocolate! Learn more about our chocolate melting pots below:

Coconut Curry bark

coconut curry1


We mix organic Madras curry powder with 30% cocoa butter white chocolate to create the unique flavor found in South and Southeast Asian cuisines.



Hazelnut truffle (Classic Collection)

hazelnutOur Hazelnut truffle is a gianduja, or gianduia, made of hazelnut paste, semisweet chocolate, sugar and fleur de sel. Gianduja is a sweet chocolate spread that contains roughly 30% hazelnut paste. This blend of chocolate and hazelnut paste was first invented in the Italian city of Turin during Napoléon’s regency (1796-1814). During this time, Britain prevented the shipment of goods to the Mediterranean and one chocolatier, Michele Prochet, experimented with the remaining chocolate and hazelnuts from the hills south of Turin, thus creating gianduja.  In 1852, a Turin-based manufacturer invented sweets based on Prochet’s gianduja. The name comes from a Carnival and marionette character who represents the archetypal Piedmontese, a native of the Italian region where hazelnut confectionery is common.

Lemongrass Ginger truffle (Spring Collection)

Lemon Grass GingerLemongrass, native in Asia, Africa and Australia, often appears in Southeast Asian cuisine. It provides the distinct citrus flavor without the acidity of a lemon. It can help offset spiciness, as seen in our Lemongrass Ginger truffle.




Candied Ginger truffle (Fruit & Nut Collection)

fruit_and_nut_clusters_-_truffle_5_1First indigenous to China and now mass-produced in India, ginger is found across many cuisines, especially in the form of ginger beer. In Western cultures, it is used in sweets (gingerbread, ginger snaps), while in the East, ginger and ginger root is common in savory dishes. In Korea, for instance, ginger is minced or even juiced into its staple food, kimchi. We place spicy, organic, crystallized ginger in our Candied Ginger truffle then enrobe it in a bittersweet (72%) chocolate.


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