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Where Does Cacao Come From?

cacao pods

If you happen to be reading this, you most likely cherish chocolate as much as we do. When something is as beautiful and beloved as chocolate, it is natural to wonder exactly how it came to be. Besides the obvious inclination that chocolate was given to us by the gracious gods of hedonism, there is still a scientific explanation to be sought.

Most are aware that chocolate comes from cacao, but where does cacao come from? Cacao trees, which are known binomially as Theobrama Cacao, are found in the tropical regions of Central and South America. They are categorized as a type of evergreen tree, and are considered to be small in stature, usually standing between 13 and 26 feet tall. The cocoa beans that are used to make chocolate are the seeds of cacao trees.

Cocoa beans are found within the cacao pods, which are classified as the fruit of the tree. Typically, a cacao pod will ripen yellow to orange and weigh about a pound or so. An average pod will contain somewhere between 20 and 60 seeds, more commonly called “beans.” When removed from the pods, the beans are embedded in a white pulp, which is sometimes used in various countries to prepare foods such as jelly, smoothies, and juice.

When seeking out any sort of food, it is important to be informed of the source from which it came. The dried cacao pods displayed atop the shelves in our shop serve as such-- they sit above the fully-realized confections we’ve created, representing a full circle in the life of the cacao. So, when a customer’s curiosity arises about the origins of the chocolate they’re going to eat, we have physical representation right there for them to see.

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