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Where our Lavender Truffles are Born

Lavender Collection
This summer I had the opportunity to visit Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms in Northern California, the source for the main ingredient in our lavender truffles.

The farm is located north of Weed, California (my hometown) and has spectacular views of the mountain. The owners are living their dream in a beautiful Tuscan-style villa that they have built overlooking the lavender fields. My Mom and I arrived on the last day of the season and we were welcomed with fresh lavender lemonade. It was harvest time so as we strolled the property, we experienced lavender harvesting and the distillation of lavender oil. While I was there I picked up a large tin of culinary lavender for use in our lavender truffles. You can find more pictures of my visit on Hedonist's Flickr page.

While we try to source ingredients locally whenever possible, this is not the only factor in our decision making process. Flavor, quality and a personal story or connection are also important to us. Lavender is difficult to grow in the upstate New York climate and Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms has all three of our preferred elements. The quality and flavor of their product is outstanding, we have a personal connection with the area where it is produced and we are inspired by the owners' labor of love.

Random Chocolate Pictures 019To make our lavender truffles, we first infuse heavy cream (sourced locally from Pittsford Dairy) with culinary lavender from Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms. Then we melt our signature white chocolate into the warm cream. This creates the ganache for the interior of the truffle. When the ganache has cooled to room temperature, it is rolled into spheres by hand in preparation for its dark chocolate bath. We use bittersweet chocolate (72%) to coat the exterior of the truffle. As soon as each truffle comes out of the liquid dark chocolate, it is finished in 100% cocoa powder. To keep the flavors fresh (and the cocoa powder from escaping), we wrap each truffle in pretty purple foil.

The dark chocolate and cocoa powder provide a nice contrast for the creamy and slightly floral interior. As always, we keep the chocolate in the starring role. You can taste the flavor of the lavender, but it does not overwhelm the chocolate. Our lavender truffles are so special, they come in their own collection. You can buy them online in a ten truffle box: The Lavender Collection. At our shop in Rochester, you can buy them individually or boxed.

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