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Wine Pairing: Hunt Country Vineyards' Hunter's Red

We love supporting fellow local businesses and what goes together better than chocolate and wine? We provide artisan chocolates to Hunt Country Vineyards, among other wineries, so that they can pair their wines with our chocolates. Our Pistachio Ginger, for instance, goes with Hunt Country’s Chardonnay.

Unfamiliar with wine and chocolate pairing? Strong reds, such as a Cabernet or Meritage, typically pair with bittersweet, dark chocolate. Lighter red wines, like Pinot Noir, tend to go with semisweet or milk chocolate. White chocolate is tricky, due to its sweetness, but can work with dessert wine.

Surprisingly, there is a proper way to taste the chocolate and wine in a pairing. First, you taste the wine by itself. Smell it, taste it, swirl it – enjoy its unique qualities. Next, taste a piece of the chocolate. Warm it in your mouth, let it coat your tongue. Breathe to experience the whole flavor. As you finish the chocolate, take another sip of the wine to reveal the pairing.

We haven’t paired Hunt Country’s Hunter’s Red wine with our chocolates yet, so we decided to have some fun and delve into an unofficial pairing.

The wine

Initial thoughts: It tastes like a white wine due to its lightness and crispness, but with hints of cherry and plum, it resembled a red wine.

The chocolate

Dark Chocolate Pecan Cranberry: The cranberry clashed with the wine’s other fruit flavors.

Milk Chocolate Walnut, Cacao Bits and Rosemary Salt: The walnuts and rosemary salt offered too much salt for this lighter wine.

Dark Chocolate Toffee Almond: The almond and buttery toffee flavor dominated the wine.

Milk Chocolate Sesame: The slight nut flavor, salt and milk chocolate blended well with this light red wine.

The winner? Milk Chocolate Sesame.

People’s palates may vary, so it is possible that you could find a better combination for you. rf

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