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Our Blog: Chocolate Talk

A love story told through the Valentine’s Day Collection

Look at the sky. What do you see? The sun, the moon? Clouds, stars? For Rochester natives Keith and Joanna Walters, so much more lies in the sky. It’s where their love story grew.

The couple has spent hours together looking up at the sky; Keith is an editorial and landscape photographer who does anything for the perfect shot. Joanna has been fortunate to join him in his adventures with the flexibility as a freelance graphic designer. Over time, she began to see more than the sun, the moon and stars in the sky. “I never really took notice before, but he really instilled in me a love for the ever-changing canvas of artwork overhead,” she said. Joanna began to see Keith in every sun, moon and star. “And not only because he’s probably a few feet away from me pointing a camera toward them, but because he truly is the light of my life,” she said.

The stars represent those late-nights in Geneseo when they used to lie on the running track and pick out constellations and satellites among the stationary points of light. Keith sees the stars as their future – “there is still so much more to discover together,” he said. The moon is when Joanna laughed at how big it was rising just over the horizon. The sun is those summer days chasing sunsets through Letchworth State Park or over Conesus Lake. Joanna sees their relationship in the sun, saying, “Everything else in our lives can turn and evolve and change, but I know I can always count on Keith and us being together - our relationship is definitely the center of my universe.”

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates’ eighth annual Valentine’s Day Collection features a raspberry chocolate truffle made fresh in its South Wedge kitchen. Owner and chocolatier Jennifer Posey takes fresh raspberries from Hurd Orchards, purees the berries, mixes that with raspberry liqueur and semisweet (55%) chocolate before enrobing the entire truffle in a dark (72%) chocolate.

Each truffle is imprinted with a portion of a quote by E.E. Cummings: “You are my sun, my moon, & all my stars” or a repeating pattern of suns, moons, stars and hearts. When putting together the collection, Joanna envisioned it for many different relationships beyond passionate love. “It’s really meant to say, whether romantically or platonically, ’You are so important to me’ or ‘you are a bright spot in my life’ or ‘you light up my life.’”

Hedonist Artisan Chocolates will officially release Written in the Stars on Friday February 5 from 6-9 PM with a free tasting event at its retail location at 674 South Avenue. The art exhibit featuring both Joanna’s and Keith’s work will be on display and items will be available for purchase throughout the month of February.

Pleasure, handcrafted. Hedonist Artisan Chocolates are handmade with fresh ingredients to give as gifts or indulge yourself.
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