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Dairy-Free Chocolates

dairy free chocolate

Our dairy-free chocolates are made with the highest quality French chocolate. We offer a variety of dairy-free chocolates to choose from, including chocolate bark, chocolate covered fruit, nut clusters and more. Our famous chocolate covered orange peels are truly an amazing dairy-free chocolate treat. Sip on dairy-free drinking chocolate, while you enjoy delicious almond bark. Our chocolate makers create unique dairy-free chocolates for everyone to enjoy, as we know some people have dietary restrictions. The best part about our dairy-free chocolates is they have the same delicious taste as our traditional milk chocolate assortments. In fact, our dairy-free chocolate assortments make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more. We also have vegan chocolates and sugar free chocolates.

Dairy-Free Chocolate Collections

Dairy-Free Chocolate Assortments

Our dairy-free chocolate assortments are made fresh daily, as we guarantee quality and freshness for each order. You will notice our dairy-free chocolates come in a variety of unique flavors such as cinnamon chipotle drinking chocolate, pistachio ginger bark, and apricot clusters. If you prefer traditional dairy-free chocolate, we have flavors such as, almond bark, pistachio clusters, or bittersweet drinking chocolate. Here at Hedonist Chocolates, we have something for every dairy-free chocolate enthusiast. When you order dairy-free chocolate assortments with us, you will receive handmade, artisan chocolates that are made with the highest quality dairy-free ingredients. Browse through our online dairy-free chocolate collection today, as you will not be disappointed. If you have questions about our dairy-free chocolates, contact us today.

Pleasure, handcrafted. Hedonist Artisan Chocolates are handmade with fresh ingredients to give as gifts or indulge yourself.
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