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Salted Caramels Milk and Dark

Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels
Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels

Salted Caramels Milk and Dark

From Pittsford Farms Dairy cream, brown rice syrup, vanilla beans and fleur de sel, we coax a confection of remarkable depth and layering, where cooked sugar and dairy notes meld with the richness of fine French chocolate. These are our most popular products, and in this signature box, you will receive ten milk chocolate and ten dark chocolate salted caramels.

Dark / Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels

Featured in the New York Times as one of the best American small-batch, chocolate-covered salted caramels! "Flavored with a touch of vanilla and the right hit of salt, the caramel has what Karen DeMasco described as “a beautiful runny consistency.” It melts on the tongue once the chocolate dissolves." - New York Times review

"The caramel centers were a beautiful amber color flecked with little black vanilla seeds. The caramel had no pull when bitten into but was thick and sticky when chewed.... The flavor of that caramel was incredible. It tasted as deep and scorchy as it looked. It was just shy of burnt, which gave it a great complexity and just a hint of bitter edge. The caramel itself was salted as well. Every once in a while, I’d chomp on a crunchy bit of sea salt, which released a flash of saltiness that really set off the scorchy brown butteriness of the caramel. " - ZOMG, Candy! review
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Milk / Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels
Salted Caramels 10 Piece

Ingredients: Sugar, pasteurized cream, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, rice syrup, milk powder, salt, vanilla bean, emulsifiers: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavor.

Allergens: Contains dairy and soy. Made in our kitchen where we work with tree nuts, peanuts, coconut, gluten and eggs.
Pleasure, handcrafted. Hedonist Artisan Chocolates are handmade with fresh ingredients to give as gifts or indulge yourself.
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